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About the RavenPheat Productions Studio

RavenPheat Productions is a fully digital audio recording studio located in Glendale, Arizona. (the metropolitan Phoenix Arizona area) 

The recording, editing, mixing & mastering equipment and software are all state-of-the-art. All recording is done to hard disc and mastered onto a compact disc.


      Hardware & Software.

  • RECORDING & MIXING:  Steinberg Cubase 64 Bit.  (cubase is used by Grammy award winners)
  • PRE AMPS: Millenna HV-37,  Digimax D8,  Steinberg UR824 (interface)  
  • EDITING: Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge 10.0
  • MASTERING:  Sony Sound Forge 10.0, Steinberg Cubase 9
  • MIDI: Tons of professional sound & instrument generators and plug-ins
  • MICS: Rode, Bock, AKG, Audix, Cascade, MXL, Marshall
  • MONITORS: Alesis audio monitors & Asus dual flat screen graphics monitors,
  • AMPS: (instrument) Carvin Vintage 16 guitar amp, tube...sweet!  Carvin Pro Bass 200...sweeter!
  • INSTRUMENTS: Yamaha NP-30 Keyboard, various electric and acoustic guitars and basses and percussion. 

          Voice Actors

Voice Actors are available upon request.  The studio keeps a database of talent available for you to listen to prior to making choices.  Please call for talent rates.

          Editing, Mixing & Mastering

For those who only require Editing, Mixing or Mastering...RavenPheat offers this professional service also.  The hourly rate is $40 per hour.  If you have a large project, please call to discuss the details and a very fair package price can be worked up for you. 


 Studio Memories

Mike Seeger & self 



Mike Seeger & Sule Greg Wilson


Colleen Politi, Harpist

Alesa Gallian, Steve Thomas, Self

Alesa Gallian, Steve Thomas & Self



Contact John Mahoney  623 215 8654  audiostudio6111@gmail.com

Skype Address,  john.mahoney61

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