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I've recorded my last 2 albums at RavenPheat studio with John Mahoney. John's contribution's to my recordings have covered many aspects from technician to co-producing and adding bass, percussion and other effects to bring tracks to completion.  John's ability to understand what needs to happen musically for a song to be fully developed is key in the intimate process of recording music. Also the speed at which John is able to make changes and adjustments helps the complicated process easier.   I would recommend John's studio to anyone no matter where they are in the recording spectrum. It's a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that allows creativity to transcend the complexity of close examination, and allows the artist a relaxed and safe space for expression. 5 stars!!!!!   Linda Bilque, singer sonwriter   www.lindabilque.com



WOW !!! I love the Cd we Made, john.... I love that you gave me a push to do harmonies on several tunes and that you arranged the 2nd vocals on Bill's tunes to make a nice variety on the CD. you made suggestions that made a wonderful differnece in the product outcome... I love the entire CD Thank you for your assistance, engineering, and suggestions! WOW !!! I love the CD,  John!!! Thank You!!!!!              Alesa Gallian





Dear John,

Thanks for all you did to help make John Vames’ “REMEMBRANCE CD “ a reality.  Your patience, knowledge and professionalism helped guide the project to A SUCCESS.  I am so pleased with the final results and the quality of the sound.  I especially value the way you were able to record Will Clipman onto John’s existing tracks and have it all come out as if the two of them recorded in real time.  It means so much to me.  John would have been very proud. 

Sincerely, Sherry Vames





Thanks for all your work on the album, I am very happy with the end result.  I have given the album to a couple of folks and family to listen to.  The comments have been all positive thus far.  Lots of comments on the clarity of the guitar and good sound quality.  Most of the comments have come back on "Malt Liquor" and "Guacamole".  Apparently, Malt Liquor is an "ear catcher" especially the "ear catching response-mob" we created.  This album took a long time (because of me), but the results are worth the effort. 

Thanks again for all your hard work on "Shades of Green".

Anne James (Musician, Singer, Songwriter)




I would very highly recommend Ravenpheat Productions recording studio to all other musicians. John took  some very rough recordings that I made of bungling elk at Hawley Lake (including my snoring through most of it) and produced incredible audio that sends chills up my spine.

 John then mixed my flute recording with Humpback whale recordings from Whalesong.net. The whale song had boat noise and water noise and he was able to make it sound clear as a bell. He even made my flute sound far better than I really am. When I heard it I couldn't believe it was me. John mixed it in a way that no other recording studio could, to give me my best recording in 18 years of flute playing and recording.

John is the ultimate resource for all musicians in Phoenix and very reasonable. We are so lucky to have such a gifted sound person in Phoenix. Don't take a chance with other studio's when you have the best there is at an affordable rate.
Sincerely,  Locopelli - Flute Player



John Mahoney, of Ravenpheat Recording Studio, is a pleasure to work with due to his professionalism, his integrity and his accommodating demeanor.  The casual atmosphere that is created in his studio promotes a comfort level that has allowed us to perform at our best.  We all have truly enjoyed working with John and we highly recommend him and his studio for top notch, state of the art, quality work.

Deb, Pam, Sherry and Teri of SPIRIT from The Desert Spirit United Church of Christ



Hi there John,


I have listened to my new CD about 100 times in my portable CD player on the trip to and from  Alpine, AZ this past week. 



It is my opinion that you did an outstanding job for me on editing and mixing everything, but especially the Edmond Fitzgerald, reducing the flute parts to build, instead of steady fluting like you suggested. It was a beautiful finished product!



Your work was fabulous in my opinion, and Steve Thomas credits you with doing an outstanding job also!




All in all I am happy with the product and will see you again for the next project when I'm ready!  Alesa Gallian, Singer/Songwriter





The idea of entering a recording studio to make my own cd was terrifying to me. I had helped in studios before, during friends' recordings, and it brought flashes of going to the dentist to mind.

 I was apprehensive walking up the drive to John's studio, but all those feelings disappeared the minute John answered the door.

John puts you at ease with his charm, and his expertise in recording gives you confidence in your own skills.

A harp is a challenging instrument to record, especially when it's played with the fingernails as I do. John captured only the voice of the harp and smoothed any rough edges, making my instruments sound as rich and full as I had hoped they would. I told him what I wanted in my recording and he made it all come to pass with ease and in no time at all. The calm magic of his studio is reflected in every recording!    Colleen Politi, Harpist




John Mahoney of RavenPheat Productions is not just a good sound engineer, he is a master recorder. He not only records your project, but he becomes your project. He takes the time to listen to your thoughts and ideas and then embraces those ideas and creates the canvas needed for your musical masterpiece and guides your brush with his amazing sound knowledge and expertise. He is truly a master recorder in every sense of the words.

 After using 4 different sound engineers with four recording, John’s insight and attention to detail places him at the top of my list and will be the only sound engineer I will use from this point forward.

 Scott Schaefer, Tranquil Flute, Native American Flute Player



“Placing Respect, Integrity, Honesty & Quality Above All Else...”

 There’s a reason why you see that phrase tied to John Mahoney and RavenPheat Recording Studios.  John states it, believes it, lives it, and affirms it.

 Add to, “Placing Respect, Integrity, Honesty & Quality Above All Else...” these other qualities, “Patience,” “Encouragement,” “Understanding,” “Humor.”

 It took me a year and a half after John approached me at a songwriter’s event to work up the rationale and motivation to go into RavenPheat.  I regret not going in sooner.

 I have read (actually studied) the other testimonials you see here, both before and after my time spent at RavenPheat Recording Studios.  They are all spot on!  

 If you want to draw out all you have artistically and feel like you have a true partner in what is essentially and usually your own very personal, lonely, creative process, I recommend working with John.  There is no judgment; just support, encouragement, reinforcement, vision, focus, creativity.

 When you’re laying your thoughts, feelings, emotions, imperfections, insecurities and soul on the line with your music, there’s nothing better nor more comforting than to know someone else whom you trust is walking (playing along) with you in your footsteps (songs)

 If you want to gain the most from RavenPheat, be prepared, be focused, be open to feedback, be selfless, and be sober.  Those are the qualities you’ll get from John.  Those are the qualities John will want from you.

 Hopefully, I have depicted, on a personal level, my experience working with John in the recording and production of my CD.

 I will do it again when I can.        

Bryan Fishkind (HumanJones)




 RavenPheat is an intimate, yet professional environment capable of satisfying a client 's needs. They know what they are doing and really work to make the best, "perfect" sound for each project.   We've done live recording, playing with tracks, overdubbing, editing and mastering; it''s workin', Baby!  Sule Greg Wilson (musician,percussionist,author)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank John Mahoney of RavenPheat recording studios for the professional, quality, and exceptional experience during the recording of my latest album "Brando Quin My Life".  John's professionalism, expertise, instrumental experience and ability to tune into each songs deepest emotional content was astounding.  I recommend John highly, as an artist, instrumentalist, and a producer of exceptional works.  Thanks John for making my recording experience a memorable one, Brando Quin




Once again, thanks for your incredible insight into the album "Brando Quin - Crossings"  you have reached into the depth of your knowledge, experience, and expertise to reach the joy and satisfaction that comes from completing a project.  Once again astounding me with every aspect, from the music, to the mix, and all the way through the mastering stages you have brought focus and clarity to subject matter that isn't always easily understood!  Thanks, Brando Quin


John, Just wanted to thank you again for our experience at RavenPheat. When Bottle of Sun entered the studio, we were three diverse individuals with a variety of ideas, experience and expectations. While this could have been VERY stressful, you created an atmosphere that was fun, creative and always professional. We are extremely pleased with the results. We will not hesitate to recommend you and RavenPheat, and will certainly contact you concerning future projects.Sincerely, James Wilson, Paul A. Burch and J.D. Arthur www.BottleofSun.net 

I have produced or co-produced seven CDs and, recorded  five of my own in
three different studios.  Each has its own features  suited for me.  BUT,
RavenPheat and John Mahoney are the most comfortable  to work with.  Like singing in
the shower.  It surprises me each  session how relaxed I am behind the mic.
And, what John does at the boards.  I didn't know  I breathed as much as I do
while recording.  But, he gets every breath out  of the song.
For acoustic music, you can't beat RavenPheat.   And, the price is right.
Going back to RavenPheat to record is like going back  home.
Chuck Giamalvo, Singer-songwriter and  Producer

Recording at Ravenpheat Studio was a real treat for me. John Mahoney went above and beyond, and was extremely helpful with production ideas. The atmosphere was very conducive for recording my project and John's input and expertise were invaluable. I highly recommend Ravenpheat Studios to anyone wanting to record a project. 
Al Berry, songwriter/musician



John Mahoney is awesome to work with in a recording setting.  (In my studio experience,) it was especially refreshing to find John's mix of character, experience, and knowledge. 


Never getting in the way of the process, he is able to intuit much about artists who work with him on a stylistic, creative, and intellectual level, cutting through lots of talk time.  John's ability to work beyond ego  - everyone's -  and reach a true collaborative spirit where artists know their voices are heard and respected in their style , is refreshing. 


John knew so much about how we wanted things done - and yet guided and challenged our sensibilities to listen and think of expanding in other ways.  He is especially adept at never getting in the way of the arranging, recording, and mixing processes - involving artists to the degree that they find individually necessary. 


His technical knowledge of equipment and current technology is mind-boggling.  (Just another reason - you're the man John.)  And he appreciates what he does - never taking clients for granted - we were treated very well - "Please feel at home. . .  ."  You will never be "nickel and dimed" by John Mahoney.


After many hours - of working with closely on a CD project with John



Mahoney - he has my greatest respect for his professional studio and people ability.  I recommend him whole-heartedly and will be back when it's time to record again.


Renee Rivers "Lambert & Rivers", Songwriter/Musician




 Recording your first CD or your thirty first requires a skilled engineer....and Lambert & Rivers found that and more with John Mahoney and Ravenpheat Productions. 


We did not rush the recording of our first CD "Take One"...but researched several studios in the hopes of finding that particularly rare combination of affordability and professional sound and integrity.. and  the moment we set foot in John's home...I knew we had found our man... and studio.


From the first take of the first track to the final mastering...John kept our own goals as musicians and writers in perfect harmony with his own vision as to the sound we wanted in bringing our CD to reality.   You can spend more  and be spellbound by more bells and whistles of a larger studio ...and you can have your input directed by an over zealous recording engineer...but at Ravenpheat you will feel like you are at home...and for me at least.. that environment is where the creative recording process finds true success.  





I was so impressed with my first experience with John that I have already scheduled my next CD project, a collection of original guitar instrumentals to be recorded at Ravenpheat. The truth is in the pudding...and John has the smoothest recipe for success! "  


John Lambert  of Lambert & Rivers, Songwriter/Musician







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