RavenPheat Productions

Recording Studio


A Fine Studio for Acoustic Instruments,Singer/Songwriters 

and Spoken Word Production.



Featuring CUBASE, Steinberg's Grammy Award-Winning

Recording & Mixing Software!

For Professional Audio Recordings...


 located in the Sun City, a Peaceful Desert recording studio




Established March 1998

Producer/Engineer  John Mahoney

623 215 8654   audiostudio6111@gmail.com










Enjoy the site.  There's good information throughout...no fluff.  There are many samples on this site of what this studio can do.


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I, John Mahoney, Owner, Musician and Producer of and for RavenPheat Productions Recording Studio will always be totally visible and transparent for you, my customers.  Meaning, you will always be told the truth and you will be informed of any limitations that I have prior to any agreement we may make. My yes's will mean yes, and my no's will mean no.  

Trust and truth are the keys to a successful relationship.




 I support Non Violence.  Violence does not work, at all.  There are no exceptions, non.  Therefore, if your lyrics or words contain pro violence intentions, hate, bigotry or racism,  please find another studio that wants to work with you.  I will not. 


This is a No Booze, No Dope, No Weapons Studio

Meaning, it is more efficient to be focused on your recording than anything else. So, in my experience, leaving your worries and substances at your home,  just makes sense. 



Contact John Mahoney  623 215 8654  audiostudio6111@gmail.com

RavenPheat Productions, LLC